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Laggy picture when I turn on the lamps

(Florian Bamberg) #1

Hi Guys,
I have the following problem:
After connecting the picture runs fast. When I turn on my lights it gets very laggy and every 3 seconds the picture turns gray.
With the version without recording function, I have no lags but everything that moves is grossly pixelated for a few seconds. It is the Windows version. On my Mac I’ll test it soon … if I found my LAN adapter;)

(Florian Bamberg) #2

With my Mac it works without problems

(TCIII) #3


What version of Windows are you running?

Also, do you have the latest version of BR QGC and Ardusub?


(Florian Bamberg) #4

Hello I have Win10 and the Ardusub 3.5.3 and also the REV6 installed.
Everything works fine with my Macbook. But I would rather use my Toughbook.

(TCIII) #5


What is the speed of your Toughbook?

You really need the speed of an I5 or higher for smooth video.

I had the same problem that you are having with the video fading in and out until I went from a five year old laptop running Windows 10 to a new I7 laptop which cured the video problem.


(Florian Bamberg) #6

Well he is not quite the newest but the conditions are given.
i5, 8gb Ram and SSD

(TCIII) #7


As an experiment, you might try navigating to and select the camera tab.

Try setting the frame size to around 720p and see if the video acts the same way when you turn on the lights.


(Mariya Channiwala) #8


Please follow the troubleshooting steps for Poor video streaming performance on ardusub.com and take notes about it. If your issue still persists after that, please let me know your results of the troubleshooting steps.