Jetson Nano as Companion Computer

I am working on developing a custom Mini ROV and would like to use the Nvidia Jetson Nano as my companion computer and the BlueRobotics Navigator as my autopilot board. I have been unsuccessful in installing the BlueOS-Docker on the Jetson Nano. Can I kindly have some assistance?


We don’t have a Jetson to test with, but we can help troubleshooting. What errors have you ran into?

Thanks William. I would appreciate your help.
This is the error that shows up in the terminal when we run the BlueOS-Docker installation script from github.

the issue seems to be on this line. What is the default username for the distro you are using? try using that instead.

Thanks William. I was able to fork and modify the script, however when i rerun it, i run into another error.

I think our images are armv7, which should work under a v8 host just fine…

can you try this patch?

Hello William, I was able to add your patch and run the installation script. However, BlueOS does not seem to run over the network. Any ideas why?
Here is a shot of the final messages from the terminal after the installation completed.

Hi @BennyAmk,

The following message about the hardware not being identified, is not a hard error, only a message to help us identify if there is the hardware support for the NVIDIA Jetson Nano Developer Kit in our installation script.

Everything else should proceed as expected.

Which system are you running on your desktop computer ?
If you are running though linux, make sure that avahi is running and you can access BlueOS though the mdns address.
Try to access the board via the IP address directly on your browser, if that does not work, connect via SSH and run docker container ls and return the output here.

Hi @BennyAmk, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

As an additional note on this, our Navigator is not an independent flight controller - it requires a Raspberry Pi 4 as a host computer. You could conceivably have both a Raspberry Pi 4 + Navigator and a Jetson Nano in your vehicle, but if you’re wanting a single onboard computer then you’ll either need to use a Raspberry Pi 4 instead of the Jetson Nano, or use a different flight controller board instead of the Navigator.

What do you mean by “BlueOS does not seem to run over the network”? How is your computer connected to the Jetson Nano (e.g. ethernet / local wifi network / …?), and how are you trying to interact with it (e.g. SSH, browser, etc)?

Hi @BennyAmk,

We just started deploying arm-v8 docker images, you may what to recall the install script to install the new version.