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Is the T200 thruster explosion proof?

(mehrshad bagheri) #1

I want to buy T200 thrusters for my ROV. But it will be exposed to a flamable gas. Is the T200 thruster explosion proof?
Thanks a lot.

(Kevin) #2

Hi @mehrshad,

We do not have an explosion proof rating for the thrusters, nor do we have a facility to test that characteristic safely. For safety and liability reasons, we do not recommend using our thrusters in an explosive environment until they can be properly tested.

(Etienne Demers) #3

You need thrusters where the rotors and stators, bearings etc are immersed in oil. Anything that can cause a spark or excessive heat.

Bluerobotics thrusters do not qualify for Ex rating.

Look at sub Atlantic thrusters. They are expensive but making anything Ex rated is expensive.