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Interruption of video feed

(davo) #1

I just installed a 300m slim tether and getting interruption of video feed. I just lose the image and then it reappears but does it even if not operating any functions? Also the latency is longer compared to the original BR tether? Has anyone experienced video interruption with the slim tether and is there a fix?
Plan on a 100m dive tomorrow and was hoping the slim was a better option.
Also installed the newton gripper.
Thank-you for any input.

(Patrick José Pereira) #2


Check if you have not untwisted the wire pairs more than 10mm, because of the high frequency of the signal, try to minimize the length of untwisted pairs as possible.

(davo) #3

Hi Patrick,
I installed as sent, never unrevealed any more.

I’m changing out a thruster as I noticed it was not as free as the rest.

Got time to work on it today as the weather isn’t favorable.

(Jacob) #4

You should still make sure that the wires are twisted all the way to the termination. The wires may become unraveled on their own.

Also check that the terminations are well-seated and secure, and check the interface board power supply.

(davo) #5

The wires inside the enclosure are NOT twisted, should I open it up and twist.
The interface board shows power and there is about 200mm of wire that has no jacket. Should I cut this back?


(davo) #6

Hi Jacob,
I twisted the pair inside enclosure and shortened the interface end. Still getting interference.

Seems like current jumps irradically, but not necessarily when I get interference.

When sitting idle (disarmed) there is no interference.?

(davo) #7

Hey Jacob,
Any more suggestions.

I’m at a point where i’m thinking of cutting 100m off? But would hate to do this if it doesn’t solve the problem.


(Jacob) #8

You should try to connect your computer with a regular ethernet cable to the raspberry pi, or switch your old tether back in. This will confirm if it is a problem with the tether, or if the problem is elsewhere.

(davo) #9

Hi Jacob,
I am still trying to solve the interruption in video signal.

I switched back to the original BR tether and am still getting an interruption of signal.

Any suggestions??


(Jacob) #10

Here are some trouble shooting tips: https://www.ardusub.com/troubleshooting/troubleshooting.html#poor-video-streaming-performance

Try all of the ones that apply.

(davo) #11

Tks Jacob,
will do

(Jacob) #12

Let us know the results.

(Jacob) #13

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