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Incorrect Brackets with kit

(Todd Sparkes) #1

Hello, I just received my build kit. To assemble the center panels the brackets received are incorrect. I received two brackets which bolt together the same as the battery enclosure type except larger. They are only tapped on one side. Please advise.

(TCIII) #2

Are they this size instead of this size?
I believe that you should have gotten the 3" enclosure clamps instead of the 4".

(Jonathan) #3


Sorry about the mixup!

We will get the correct set of clamps shipped out to you today.



(Todd Sparkes) #4

Thanks Jonathan. I also received the incorrect spare camera? Can you ship the Low Light camera and I will ship back the Raspi Cam?

(Jonathan) #5

Yes. Sorry about the mixup. Elisa will email you a tracking number when we have it.