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How to make the hemisphere bell glass become hydrophobic?

hello! I recently met a problem. When I see the video recorded from the QGC, I find a lot of water drop in the picture.

Do you know how to remove the water drop? Thank you very much!!

We normally get this on the first dive of the day, air bubbles on the dome - best solution we find is to just have gain to 100% and dive down a metre or so and then yaw side to side a couple of times - this normally clears them. Then switch to lower gain for more control etc.

Thank you for your reply!! I’ll try it later

If problem continues with depth - try a smear (very light) or washing up liquid on the dome to break the water surface tension

Thank you for your reply!! I tried some nanomaterials, but it did not work. Do you have any recommendations? Thank you very much!!

I just use “fairy liquid” but any washing up liquid is usually fine, trick is to only have a very light smear of it I’ve found (cleans the scanning sonar transducer dome nicely also if used there!)

Try to use regular dishwashing detergents over the dome ( use a soft cotton embebed to spread )just before the dive

Thank you for your advice!!

Thank you for your advice!