Error code 'EFU bad'

We are getting the error code ‘EFU bad’ while operating our BlueRov2. Has anyone had this code or can tell me what it means? Thanks.

Hi @Corrinne99,

‘EFU bad’ is not an error code we’ve seen before, and also doesn’t seem to exist as a possibility in the ArduPilot codebase. A few questions/requests:

  1. How are you controlling your vehicle?
  2. Is there anything else consistently happening when that error appears?
  3. Are you able to provide a screenshot of the error message, and a telemetry log after the error has occurred?

Ah, I see-thanks for letting me know. We’re using a joystick. It was happening at the same time as the thrusters were coming on instead of the lights, so I suspect it’s just that our settings aren’t quite right-this was our first time using the equipment, so more a case of user error, I imagine! The error code was an audio message that kept coming up- I’ll be back with the ROV on Friday, so may be getting back to you! Thanks again.

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