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Dive distance in QGC

(Bo Vikarby) #1

Hi Forum

In the displayed control panel in QGC there is a possibility to display DIVE DISTANCE in (m) .
Can anyone explain what this is and how to make it functional ?

Regards Bo

(Daniel Heideman) #2

The Dive Distance field is calculated by QGC while creating a mission plan. It appears to be the total waypoint-to-waypoint distance to be travelled in the plan.

I have never used the field, as I have never used the mission planner, but it should work with ArduSub vehicles when used with a mission plan. It will not show anything other than 0 in any other situation. It is simply QGC’s “Flight Distance” field renamed for ArduSub vehicles. The field was renamed along with the a few other fields to have ArduSub-specific names, such as “Flight Time” and “Altitude” to “Dive Time” and “Depth”, respectively. Rather than delete the field (which would be disruptive at best), it was simply renamed and has not been touched since.

(Bo Vikarby) #3

Thank you Daniel // Bo