Default Parameters File

Is there a way to delete the existing Parameters, and replace it with a clean ‘Factory’ default parameters file? I have made so many changes over the past year that its now a mess. For example, the Leak LED flashes when the thrusters run, causing intermittent ‘Leak Detected’ messages. Yikes!

@k-deboer In QGC: Vehicle Setup->Frame->Load Default Parameters. This will preserve your calibrations and motor setup, but wipe everything else.

The leak issue sounds like a physical/electrical problem. Can you elaborate?

Thanks Jacob, I defaulted the parameters. No help with the leak detector circuit. No probes attached, the leak LED flashes at the same rate and intensity as a motor. Only when the horizontal motors run. Not the vertical ones. And only when in the water (under strain) I’ve tried two inputs on the Pix. (Aux 6, and Aux 5). Same thing.

Question: Could one of the ESCs be putting a massive amount of noise on the DC buss? Another question: Through Ground Control, can I individually disable a ESC port to try and isolate the channel?

Also, I mounted a GoPro to the side of the frame and recorded the SOS board LED activity. I have 12 MB video file I can Share somehow?

@k-deboer that sounds bananas! Never heard of such a problem.

It’s a possibility.

You can set the SRVn_FUNCTION parameter to disabled, and that will disable the signal output on a given channel. I don’t know if this will help with troubleshooting, though.

Can you put it on dropbox, google drive, or youtube?

Thanks Jacob,

I’ve put a short clip in a Dropbox folder for you.

I’ll go through the channels and disable them one-by-one to see if it helps. FYI, I had a strange issue with a Lumen light flashing during thruster activity too. But I recently replaced the light, and no longer have light issues. Bananas for sure!

I should be able to give it a go this afternoon.

Hopefully you can see the video, you can hear the thrusters, and see the LED flash.