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Cygnus Ultrasonic thickness gage

(CSKY Solutions) #1

Hi Guys,

Has anyone use Cygnus Ultrasonic Thickness gage on BR2? Keen to know if it’s possible. Do share your inputs if any of you have done it. Thanks.

BR, Fazdli

(Jacob) #2

@Fazdli, it should be possible. Do you have any datasheet or technical document for the device?

(CSKY Solutions) #3

Hi Jacob,
You can take a look here.cygnus-mini-rov-mountable-data-sheet-iss2.pdf (1.9 MB)

(achat) #4

Hi Mohamed,

You just need to use 1 spare twisted pair for the signal from the topside to the gauge.
And you power it from the terminal block.
I did it, it’s working well.


(CSKY Solutions) #5

Hi Achat,
Thanks for the input.