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Converting an ROV to AUV

(Joshua Alli) #1

Greetings everyone. I am new to ROV and AUV but i am learning by converting the ROV to an AUV. Has anyone done this before? Can anyone shed light on this?

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(Jacob) #2

What are your requirements and goals for the AUV?


(Joshua Alli) #3

I want the AUV to have a GUI that I or anyone can specify a particular function, Example would be for the AUV to move to a certain colored object or move along a certain colored marker.


(Jacob) #4

Joshua, ArduSub and QGC have the functionality to set up autonomous waypoint missions and to perform actions at certain points in the missions, but those missions are based on GPS location, not surrounding features. In order to do the tasks you specified, it sounds like you will need to implement some computer vision algorithms. I don’t have experience with CV, but I would love to see it on a BlueROV2. If you are able to add some computer vision to the BlueROV2, I can help by showing you how to get the outputs of your algorithm into the Pixhawk and have ArduSub control the vehicle according to your outputs.


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(Tim) #5

Hi Jacob, I realize this is an older post, however, I am trying to use CV analysis on the Pi Camera outputs in the Raspberry Pi to determine appropriate autonomous output commands for the BlueROV2 Pixhawk controller. Can you send a code snippet to show how to get the outputs of my algorithm into the Pixhawk to control the vehicle with ArduSub? Best, Tim


(Patrick José Pereira) #6

Hi @Timz,

If you are using python, take a look in pymavlink and the necessary mavlink messages for your objective.
For further information, check the mavlink repository or the gitter channel.


Logging time tagged video stills with sensor data