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Controlling an ardusub vehicle using python code

(Deepak Jayan) #1

Can you please do a video on how to control an ardusub vehicle by using python? As I am a novice in python coding and MAVLink, I have few doubts. I have with me, a pixhawk-1 autopilot, raspberry pi and a topside computer. The computer is connected to raspberry pi using ethernet (tether wire) and the raspberry pi is connected to pixhawk-1 through usb port. Now I am using a joystick to send commands to arm the vehicle, rotate thrusters, control the brightness of lumen lights etc. Suppose, if I want to send mavlink messages in python (using keyboard to control the vehicle instead of joystick), apart from python 3.4.3, what all things I need to install to properly control my vehicle? How can I send mavlink commands to my vehicle using python? Also, in which window will I receive the messages sent from the ardusub vehicle to topside computer? Please reply.

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(Patrick José Pereira) #2


Please check our pymavlink documentation, it should provide all necessary information for your task.