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Confused about contents of Advanced Electronic Package

(Scott Prince) #1

Reading the instructions for wiring the advanced electronic package In step 4, it mentions a BEC. I don’t see one in the package online or the one I received.

(I’m on night work this weekend so head is a bit foggy)

Am I reading this wrong?

(TCIII) #2

No, you are reading it correctly. You should have received a Battery Eliminator Circuit (BEC) to power the RPi from the +/- power terminal strips. It is a small rectangular package with black and red wires at one end and a three wire servo cable on the other end.

In the picture above the BEC is the small rectangular package with the purple top and white lettering.


(Scott Prince) #3

Thank you sir I’ll check again when I get home tomorrow!

(TCIII) #4

I have alerted Blue Robotics to your issue and they should be contacting you on this thread to resolve it.

(Scott Prince) #5

I just looked everywhere and unfortunately I don’t see anything that resembles the BEC.

(Rusty) #6

@droneguy - Alright, thanks for checking. We’ll get one out to you on Monday! Can you shoot us an email at info@bluerobotics.com as well so we can verify your address?

Sorry for the hassle!


(Scott Prince) #7

Done thanks a lot…