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Configuration underwatherGPS with Locator A1


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(Mariya Channiwala) #2


Please follow the software setup instructions for BlueROV2 carefully. Please complete every step in the instructions while taking notes.
For Underwater GPS, please follow the software setup instructions for Waterlinked carefully. Configure the network mode to Static IP as mentioned in the setup instructions. After that you will be able to access the configuration page.




Thanks for your reply

However I have followed the instructions, but I still can not access the configuration page of Undrewater GPS. On the other hand, as I said both the ROV and the GPS are connected to the FXTI, therefore, there is only one USB cable connected to the computer. So I can only set one IP at a time, making me disconnect from the ROV when I try to configure the GPS. This is so? or do I need to do another procedure due to FXTI?


(Jacob) #4

Your computer needs only one ip address to communicate with both the rov and the underwater GPS on the same network. Your computer ip address should be

Then you will be able to access the ROV at, and the underwater GPS at You must configure the underwater with this ip address with the dip switches on the board.

(Jacob) #5

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