CE Documents of T100 Thruster and R3 Version Basic ESC


I have placed purchase orders for your T100 Thruster and R3 Version Basic ESC but our customs advisor told us that they will not be able to get customs clearance because apparently, your devices don’t have CE documents. I saw in another forum thread that you have sent the necessary information to the one requesting it and I also want to have those documents.

I also emailed you about this issue but I need a fast reply as our sponsors are waiting for this doc to do the payment.

Denizhan Dalgic

Edit: I am also informed that in order to get the clearance there has to be a CE label on the package with a size within the rules. Please contact me ASAP regarding these issues and I can provide you my order number so that additional steps can be applied accordingly.

Edit 2: I also would like to know why do we need to wait for your answer while you can easily direct your customers to needed information. Seeing that you care about your customers and support in any way you can, it is disappointing to find out you lack supplying this kind of information easily.

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Hello, our office is on the US west coast. We will reply to your email contact today and get you the documentation that you require.

I’m not sure what information you would like to be made available on the product documentation. Can you clarify? The documents you are asking for will need to be prepared specifically for your order, and the majority of our customers do not require it.

Sorry about that. I did not know that they need to be prepared specifically for my order. That was my ignorance there.

For the record, Blue Robotics replied to my email with the necessary documents.

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UPDATE: Our sponsor’s customs advisor told us that the we will not be able to retrieve the shipment if they don’t have CE markings on them, even though they have the documents for it. What’s more is that it will hurt our sponsor’s reputation. After a day full of emails, BlueRobotics clearly stated that they will not apply these markings and told me they “hope the documents will be enough”.

As a result, we will not be buying the thrusters because we don’t want to take risks.

Hi Denizhan,

I’m sorry we were not able to meet your requirements. Let us know if there is anything else we can do for you.