CCTV cat5e test results

I just finished testing my cctv system through 200 ft of cat5e cable using no baluns to adjust for impedence mismatch. It worked perfectly with no discernable degradation of image. This test took place in our neighborhood and no interference from outside sources was detected. I am locking in using cat5e cable as both tether and signal transmitter. I still need to finish my water tight enclosure and send it down for a deep dive before I install the internal components. Once the cctv system is functional and in use down to 150 ft, I will start working on thruster installation. I welcome all questions and suggestions.


Cool. I’m surprised it worked so well. It’ll be interested to see if that changes once you’ve got signals on the other wires.


There are no signals as such on the other wires. The other wires terminate in a variable resistance at the topside control box. See my discussion concerning using rc time constant to determine control lever position.