Cat5e tether securing method

This is the method I am using to secure the cat5e tether to the watertight enclosure.

The cat5e is enclosed in 1/4" auto fuel line, which is then clamped between the aluminum strap.


Richard is the game plan to use the 1/4" as a chaff gaurd for the tether line or what? Just for the heck of it, I would recommend that you take a low viscosity epoxy and fill the fuel line up in the shape that you intend to be final. The purpose for this is to use the 1/4" line as your strain relief termination. If you are planning on just potting the CAT5 cable in one of the pressure proof penetrators, then that area will end up being the force termination for strain … if the jacket area and area along the inside of the tubing is potted … then you have distributed your forces along a much larger surface.


I believe the clamping force on the fuel line transferred to the cat5e in the two clamped areas will be sufficient to protect the cat5e from undo strain. The cat5e passing thru the pressure proof penetrator will not be under strain unless the cat5e slips inside the fuel line. I don’t believe that is going to happen. The fuel line acts as both an anti-chaffing barrier and a distributor of the clamping force on the cat5e.

My cctv camera and monitor/dvr arrived today, so I am on with that end of it.