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Bubbles in acrylic end

We are using a 2 inches aluminium locking series enclosure with and acrylic end for a time lapse camera. After a few deploys in a fish tank (with fresh water and no more than 30cm of depth) for test the camera system the stills appear full of bubbles in the external side (we guess) of the acyclic end. After check the stills we notice that the bubbles appear as soon the enclosure is on the water.

Any suggestions to avoid the bubbles?

We have used acrylic polish in the past to buff out any imperfections in the dome.

If you are to try this method, we suggest trying in a small spot first to see if there are no adverse reactions.

Once polished, the air should not get trapped on imperfections.

Also, just give the housing a shake, to shake off those bubbles when you first submerged the unit.

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