Broken link to Github's CI for Manual Upload

I’m trying to remotely upgrade the BlueOS firmware and avoiding having someone that is inexperienced opening the electronics enclosure to access the SD card.
I’m look for the location of the docker image so I can manually upload a version of BlueOS but the link for Github’s CI is broken.

These can be downloaded from Github’s CI or generated locally using “docker save”

Hi @gcelec,

Apologies for the delay on this - I raised it internally and we fixed the link (for new releases) at the time, but I didn’t get around to responding here.

Note that if you’re after the releases normally shown in the “remote versions” section, they’re at bluerobotics/blueos-core on dockerhub. There are still several releases (including some quite recent ones) available at the older bluerobotics/companion-core remote, so that’s unrelated to the issue that was apparently being experienced in this case.