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BR2 electronics "grab bag" for sale -even cheaper!-

I’m clearing out my workshop and have lots of spare electronics bits and pieces I don’t need. Everything is packed and ready to ship. Sorry, USA only.

  • 2x mRo GPS u-Blox
  • 2x Blue Robotics waterproof switches
  • 1x Blue Robotics leak sensor kit
  • 2x NTSC mini cameras
  • 1x USB "puck GPS
  • 1x 3DR Pixhawk autopilot
  • 2x IR remote shut off kit
  • 20+ Dessicant packs

And much, much more. Too numerous to list. $150.00 plus shipping


Just lowered the price to $150.00 plus shipping. That’s less than the cost of the Pixhawk alone!!!

I am interested to buy the electronic.

Please contact thto@san.rr.com and adszeto @gmail.com

Waiting for your instructions of how to place the order for the electronics “grab bag”. Please send instructions to thto@san.rr.com and adszeto@gmail.com. Thank you.

Sorry I didn’t get your message. I just listed it on ebay:

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Don’t know do you have a reserve price for the ebay auction or not. If you can’t sell it on ebay, I would still be interested to buy it from you at $150.


aaa dont you ship to Norway?

Sorry Christian, USA only.

Last chance to buy, bidding ends tomorrow. Somebody’s getting a screaming deal.