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BlueROV2 Inspecting bluefin tuna cages

Hey Guys,

Take a look at my new video inspecting bluefin tuna cages, anchors, weights and feeders for our client Baja Aqua-Farms S.A. de C.V.

try on full HD!

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Luis Gamez


Luis, very nice. We did some of our first BlueROV2 testing and filming in those exact same Bluefin cages!

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hey @rjehangir

I was told about that! they were impressed by the new updates of the Brov2 since that time. They might be our future clients if everything goes great :smiley:

Great video! I’ve had great improvements in video stability by enabling the “stabilize” option under camera in the newest version of BROV2 pix and companion software. The pitching motion that the ROV experiences from tether loading and forward acceleration is greatly masked by this feature, making driving and steady observation of targets that much easier.

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