BlueROV2 for sale in EU

There is a Bluerov that has been sitting on a shelf waiting for someone to take it for a swim.
Although the bouyancy foam covers have been painted to marine yellow for better visibility it has not had any action in the last 12 months.
It’s slightly used with 30-35h of diving done with it.

It’s a classic 6 thruster conf bluerov running on raspberry 3 + pixhawk with 4 lights.
Addons are: on/off switch for 5V electronics and removable 100m tether on a spool. For this we used the 8-pin cobalt connector.
The robot is located in the EU (Estonia) and depending on shipping location and method, we could also include the battery.

Hit me up if you’re interested!

The ROV is still available and looking forward to going on a dive this season.
In addition to the previously mentioned gear we’ll aslo include a spare thruster + ESC.
Price 3990€ + VAT & transport

Hi Timmu, I am interested in this ROV if it’s still for sale. Sent you a connect request on LinkedIn to message there.

Yes, it is currently still for sale.