BlueROV user map


just wondering if there is a user map of the forum users or so. i saw a nice map with the Kickstarter packers - but would be nice to see where other BlueROVs are around … to have an easier knowledge exchange / support or whatever.

what do you think about this? i would like to know if there is another BlueROV2 in my area - which modifications have been made and bla bla bla :wink:


It sounds like you are asking about something like openexplorer, which used to be an openrov project. It looks to be ‘event’ focused rather than ‘user location’ focused, but finding other openrov users was one of the original focus of this project. At least I think it was; I never used it… About Bluerobotics users in particular, we do not have a site like this of our own.

Okay - thx for the reply … i‘ll Keep my eyes open