BlueROV thruster question

BlueROV thruster question
Connected to BlueROV with 4s 10,000mah LIpo battery
When the gain was 100%, when 6 motors were operated, the 3rd and 4th motors stopped. What is the reason for this?/

Hi @HanJIK,

How were you controlling it, and how did you determine that motors 3 and 4 stopped specifically?

My main suspicion would be that your battery doesn’t have the discharge capacity to run 6 thrusters at 100% gain, but generally that would under-power the control computer first, which would then reboot itself and all the thrusters would stop via failsafes. I’m not sure how two motors would stop while the others continue running fine unless you’re controlling them to do that.

Note that running your battery too hard (beyond its capacity) can permanently damage it, and may cause a fire/explosion.

The test was conducted without submerging it in water.
6 thrusters were operated at 100% gain.
The Companion computer did not turn off, and it stopped as the PWM value of the 3rd and 4th thrusters decreased.

Do those thrusters still work? It’s possible you’ve melted/damaged the plastic bearings.

Hopefully they may have just seized up temporarily and could still be usable, but it’s definitely not recommended to run our thrusters at high speed in air, especially for extended periods.

After assembling, I tested it and let it run for a while.
It works.
What could be causing it?