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Blipping Screen

The Screen on my topside computer Blips off and on constantly, Noticed after i got my sonar working, that When it is sweeping the sweep stutter coincides with the screen Blipping. I have totaly disconnected the Sonar but the screen keeps on Blipping. It seems something from the electronics inside the ROV is causing it, Because the Screen does not Blink when i use it for other functions such as the internet, does not appear to be overheating, as i have the enclosure off. My top side computer Display is 1920x1080 it is a lonovo Checked the Device Manager also it says everything is OK.

Any ideas appreciated

Hi Jim,

It’s possible this is from electrical noise disrupting the signal from the camera to the companion computer, or from the fathom-X to the tether. If you’re concerned about the sonar specifically you can try to make sure the sonar wires are away from the tether wires and from the camera wires.

It may be worth wrapping some alfoil around any sets of signal wires that you’re concerned about having noise on. Note that if you do that you’ll need to be careful to avoid the alfoil coming into contact with any exposed electrical contacts/components (e.g. the bottom of a PCB, or the power or motor rails), by either tying down the foil wrapped cables, or putting some electrical insulation tape over/around the foil in areas that could potentially touch other electronics.