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Basic ESC with i2c

This topic has been kicked around a bit in the past, but most of the discussions revolved around the Blue ESC, which is sadly unavailable.
My understanding is that the Basic ESC is 3rd party h/w running a slightly tricked over version of SimonK firmware. If this is the case, and BlueRobotics is rebadging and reflashing batches of these things, would you consider offering Basic ESCs with an i2c interface rather than the PWM interface? Or is this too much of a configuration nightmare because there’s no easy way to strap select the address?
Failing that, has anyone gone through the process of converting a Basic ESC to i2c recently. The discussion referred to at this link, refers to another dead link and it was the pre-R3 ESC anyway.
I know that there are i2c to PWM breakout chips, but that does seem a daft way to communicate between two MPUs.