Basic Esc makes my raspberry pi reset when stopping

Whenever I send a stop signal to the esc and the motor is currently running my raspberry pi reboots. It looks like the raspberry pi is losing power then regaining it quickly.

I also should note that it only has this issue when operating at higher speeds then stopping

Edit: after some testing I found that this issue only shows up when I give it a signal of 1615 or greater.

are you running your flight in Battery or External power ?

External power. I have it hooked up to a 12v power supply. I am building my own rov right now and am using the 12v power supply in place of a battery for testing

I after doing some research I an thinking it is an inductive voltage spike? Or possibly back EMF from the motor

yes, the energy flow is now from motor to source, hence this could restart your external power module .

thank you

That is right, when the motor stops there is a inductive voltage spike that may damage other electronics.
The battery can easily handle that voltage, but most Power Supplies can’t.

Yup, I fixed it by putting some diodes in place. Any chance this could cause problems for other electronics?

can you share the details of diode you have used and the connection details?

Hi @NIW Can you please share how did you add diodes to the circuits?. I’m facing the same problem.