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Bar 30 with Pixhawk 4

I installed ARDUSUB on pixhawk 4 and tried to connected BAR30 to the I2C A port. Obviously, it didn’t work.Can I install BAR30 on I2C A by modifying the parameters?


Try changing GND_EXT_BUS

Hi Willian Galvani,
I changed GND_EXT_BUS to BUS3 and there is a depth value output, but the output value is incorrect. I have installed the pressure sensor on the pixhawk cube black to observe, the output value is right.
Thanks for your reply.

Note that the bus param is hardcoded on 4.0, and this is fixed on master.
Is it still wrong after calibrating?

I have seen this link fixed on master.
It is still wrong after calibrating. the calibration is failed.