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Arduino Mega hangs

I use a fairly simple sketch to run a pump through a controller and while it is running I take sensor readings from a BR Bar30 and temperature sensor. I enter through the monitor the run time (short bursts of few seconds), speed and pumping direction. This usually functions as intended a few times and then hangs. Attaching a printscreen of the serial monitor with both successful runs and hangs. By commenting out sections of the sketch I ran both the pump and each of the sensors alone for quite a while, this way everything functions properly. You can see in the monitor log that when the full sketch is used the sensors send a lot of garbage, when used without the pump this doesn’t happen either.
Any ideas?

Hi @yk101 ,

My first guess is that the pump is generating a lot of electrical noise that is interfering with the i²c lines. Can you share a schematic of how everything is connected?

Hi William.
Talking to a friend about my problem this morning, he suggested that I significantly raise the monitor baud rate. I was using a rate of 9600 (which was used in the sensors’ examples), I tried to change it to 57600 but that produced some garbage at the beginning of the run (where there was no text) so I elevated it to 115200. After working with the setup the whole day it didn’t hang once. So I guess my friend nailed it. If you have a guess as to the reason behind this I’d be glad to hear it.

With a lower baudrate the arduino, the arduino core will be busy sending the bytes at this lower speed, 10 bytes with 9600 baudrate will take closer to 10ms, so if you increase it to 115200 will result in less than 1ms to send the same 10 bytes.