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Any schools / teams in E. North Carolina?

Any schools or robotics teams in Eastern North Carolina? I have a ton of ROV and electronics spare parts and accessories I’d like to donate to a worthy organization. You’ll have to come by and pick it up.


We are not in North Carolina. I coach Team Inspiration, a middle/high school team competed in FIRST, and RoboSub. The team has been teaching robotics in local/global community. Take a look at the link below

We could use any robotics material to share with others, and I would gladly pay for the shipping cost.
Alex Szeto
Coach - Team Inspiration

We are also associate with a non-profit 501c3 organization so the donation can be tax deductible.

I run NC State’s Underwater Robotics Club in Raleigh and we have many team members in the Eastern part of the state that could potentially pick it up. Can I DM you for more info?

@akiyeng2 - Let’s talk. I’m located in Swansboro, near Jacksonville and am available most weekends.