A group behavior system of 5 drones

Good afternoon and hello everyone!
A group behavior system of 5 drones is a project I’m working on.
Programming language Java 11/Spring boot
A project in which drones are received as a whole.
Closest example:
A detachment of drones to protect the perimeter of the territory.
1 presenter
4 sentry drones
Monitor mode
Mode of normal and normal.
I was inspired by the news that in Israel and Russia
flying and stationary sniper drones appeared.

Hi @BruhoInfinity, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Sounds like an interesting project, although I’m not sure you’re in the right place. This forum is for discussion of marine robotics, and discussion of/support for Blue Robotics software and equipment.

If your drone project is aerial (rather than water-based), you might be interested in the more general ArduPilot forums :slight_smile:

Assuming your project is actually water-based,

Is there a particular reason for this choice? That’s a bit unusual compared to what’s normally discussed around here, so I’m curious if that’s just your preferred language or if there’s some particular functionality/library that’s only available with that setup.

I’m not certain what you mean by this, but I expect you may be talking about a “swarm”. Collections of co-operating vehicles are definitely an interesting application, although they’re not yet particularly common in the marine domain, at least from what I’m aware.

This project is applicable to any group of drones in the sea, air and land. The interaction and behavior algorithm has a general purpose.
Java 11 programming language is familiar to me. This is just one of many ways to implement it, the main idea here is the behavior of a swarm of Drones.
The project is currently at the domain development stage. The architecture and behavior patterns are already thought out. So nice to meet sincere interest!

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Fair enough :slight_smile:

Makes sense. Is this intended as a commercial project idea, a private hobby project, open-source, or some combination?

We’re always interested in what’s going on in the marine robotics and drone development worlds. Blue Robotics as a company exists to enable the future of ocean exploration, and drone swarms definitely have a role to play in that :slight_smile:

If you’re interested in finding others with similar/related ideas, you may want to try a forum search of “swarm”.

this is not a commercial project as long as it is my hobby . I invite everyone to participate, I can also share my progress with you :slight_smile:

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