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Dive Log

About the Dive Log category (2)
Meanwhile in Finland (4)
Final test in the tank (3)
Inspection of the mooring lines and the export cable of a Floating Wind Turbine (4)
Attaching a carabiner to a rope (5)
SDI-ROV First wet test in IBC tank (5)
Working with divers (8)
Alaska Submarine (13)
Photogrammetry testing in Santorini with BR2 (4)
First Pool Trial (5)
Sogndalstrand undervannstjeneste, marin inspection Norway (2)
Scanning Sonar Testing ( 2 ) (36)
600m in the Atlantic (9)
Chesapeake Bay - Fish Finders for Archaeology (15)
Screen recording & co (7)
Saab Seaeye Falcon converted to Ardusub/QGroundControl operating system (4)
Bluerov2, Waterlinked & QGis (10)
My first dive in Weymouth (10)
Testing the Echologger MRS900 Scanning Sonar (6)
Fuga en electronica (3)
Filming deep soft bottom Corals Sweden (12)
Chesapeake Bay SMART Bay ARC (3)
BR2 hard at work (3)
Successful first video (1)
Minor leak at 90 m but nice corals (7)
On our first job with BR2 (16)
My first dive in Japan (3)
BlueROV2 Inspecting bluefin tuna cages (4)
ROV Plexus test dive in swiming pool and La Herradura (Granada, Spain) (7)
Discovering the Sept-Îles Baie in Quebec, Canada! (5)