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T200 on fishing SUP



I’d also like to mount T200 on my fishing SUP. I more like cruising time than speed. I would be satisfied with 2.5 mph, which is my average paddling speed.

Calculated hull speed is 4.9 knots (8.9 kmh). I have very flat bottom an and V shape nose.

Usually I’m 3-4 hours on the sea. With motor I would get more trolling capability and more distance.

I’m surprised, that this kayak has sped 2 mph with only 4 amps.

So, at first stage I’m planning one T200 and 30.000 mah 4S battery.


I have a question about ESC. SUP has some specific demands. I don’t need reverse throttle. ESC wil be in a sealed box together with other electronic and batteries. Can I use ESC for a electric plane?

I must also use emergency kill switch with lanyard if I fall from SUP when motor is working.

For a speed control I’m planning to use High Precision Servo / ESC Tester for RC Model.


I hope this topic will not be monologue. T200 is at home. I would like spend minimum necessary time for equipment assembly and disassembly. I will haveSUP fin for regular use, and second one with T200. I wiill try with this mounting:


(Jacob) #4

An airplane ESC will be fine if you don’t need reverse. Where did you find a 30 Ah battery?


Thank you Jacob. In Hobb… I’ll buy two 4S 16000 mAh Lipo packs. In parallel pack 2P4S that 32 Ah. In their Asian store they have even 20.000 mAh packs.


And a few pics about what I’m talking about:


(Mark Langille) #7

Look at the new Thruster Commander, may make your project easier.


Thank you Mark, I’ve seen new Commander.
I have another question. With T200 and Mounting Bracket we get four V shaped bolts. In custom or DIY projects usually V shape is not the best option.
Do you know where can we buy flat shaped bolts for saltwater environment? ? I suppose they are not metric also?


I bought BlHeli V2 40 ESC. Please comment, if this settings are not ok.


I’d like to use wireless remote control with Arduino. I’m waiting for a four button 433 MHZ. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/433MHz-RF-Transmitter-Receiver-Transmitter-Learning-Code-4-Channel-Module-Relay-Receiver-Module/32827010531.html

This is my first working code. I tested code on T200.
button 1 - PWM increases 50 us every 0.35 sec (eight steps from neutral to full power)
button 2 - PWM decreases 50 us every 0.35 sec.
button 3 - PWM increases 100 us every 0.35 sec (four steps from neutral to full power)
button 3 - PWM is set to 1500 us (neutral)
all PWM signals are limited from 1100 to 1900 us.

BTW, 4-bit 7-segment display is working on Uno and not on Nano board. I do not know why.

#include <TM1637.h> //lib. for 7 seg. display
#include <Servo.h> //Using servo library to control ESC

Servo esc; //Creating a servo class with name as esc

#define CLK 3 //pins for display
#define DIO 4
TM1637 tm1637(CLK,DIO);

int PWM = 1500;

void setup(){
tm1637.init(); //reset display
esc.attach(8); //Specify the esc signal pin,Here as D8
esc.writeMicroseconds(1500); //initialize the signal to 1500
// delay(2000);


void loop(){

while (digitalRead(9) == LOW && digitalRead(10) && digitalRead(11) == LOW && digitalRead(12) == LOW) {


while (digitalRead(9) == HIGH) {
PWM = PWM+50;
PWM = constrain(PWM, 1100, 1900);

while (digitalRead(10) == HIGH) {
PWM = PWM-50;
PWM = constrain(PWM, 1100, 1900);

while (digitalRead(11) == HIGH) {
PWM = PWM+100;
PWM = constrain(PWM, 1100, 1900);

while (digitalRead(12) == HIGH) {
PWM = 1500;

// Serial.println("Pulse Width Modelation ");
// Serial.println(PWM);
// delay(1000);


(Adam) #11


Your BlHeli settings are very close to what we have on the Basic ESC R3, but there are a couple changes I would recommend to get the thruster running as well as possible:

  • Turn off Low RPM Power Protect (fine for multirotors, can cause improper startup with underwater thrusters)
  • Turn Demag Compensation off (unnecessary to have on, reduces top end performance)