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New Product: Lithium Battery Charger!

(Rusty) #1

Originally published at: http://www.bluerobotics.com/new-product-lithium-battery-charger/

Hey there, friends! We’ve got an energizing new product today- a Lithium Battery Charger perfect for our high capacity Lithium-ion Battery (14.8V, 18Ah)! This 300W charger can charge at up to 20A, so it can charge our battery in 1-2 hours at the recommended 10A charge rate, while still having plenty of headroom for even larger batteries.

This charger can be powered by 100-240V AC wall power, or a 10-28V DC power supply, so it has plenty of flexibility wherever you may be. With built in balancing and discharge capability, your batteries of any chemistry can safely be kept in top condition for maximum performance and lifespan!

That's it for today!

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(undersearobotics.com) #2

Nice! Does it include the required cable to connect to the Li Ion battery? How simple is the programming? Can it be controlled from a computer?

(Adam) #3

Hi Paul,

Yes, the charger comes with two XT90 charge adapters for connecting to our 18Ah lithium ion battery or any other battery with an XT90 discharge plug. There is no PC link functionality, but up to 10 profiles can be saved for different batteries.


(undersearobotics.com) #4

Is there a pre-configured profile for the B.R. LIon battery? I know several people are looking for a super simple, plug and play charging solution.

(Adam) #5


There is not currently a pre-configured profile, but we could definitely implement that in the future. However, it is very easy to select the proper setting, as described in the documentation, and these settings will not be changed after a power cycle. If you wish to only charge one battery, the battery type and current setting need to only be selected once.


(undersearobotics.com) #6

“Easy” is always a relative term. I think most people who are new to LiPo and Li Ion powered drones will want a “plug and play” solution to battery charging. My experience with Hobby King battery chargers is that the instructions are about as clear as mud. Hopefully the B.R. charger is a lot better.